Genealogy of
Jeroen and Kathelijn De Maeijer

Son and daughter of
Constant De Maeijer and Marléne Wauters

Pedigree De Maeijer

(Version January 24th 2006
with approx. 3000 names and 1400 marriages)
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Genealogy De Maeijer

(Version August 1st 2010)
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Collection of
De Maeijer, De Maeyer, Smayers,
De Maayer, De Maaijer, De Maeyere,
De Mayer, etc.

(Version August 1st 2010)
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The families in this genealogy mainly lived in "Oostelijk Zeeuws-Vlaanderen", "het Land van Waas" en "Klein-Brabant".
The data after 1900 of the Verbist family were contributed for an important part by Armand Meert.
Also on his web page you will find some overlay with my genealogy.
You will also find overlays on the web pages of Ronald Blancke, Albert Truyman and Harry Truyman.
Especially for the medieval part you will find overlays below the link Van Duyse at the site of Jean-Pierre Van Eygen.

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